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Are you an employer focused on mental health?

Employee benefits at this time in history means more than crutches, cavities, and contacts.

Now is the time for a radically affordable mental and emotional support benefit for the modern workplace.

Sholder is the benefit that builds culture of mental health in your organization.

Our providers (Sholders) are skilled practitioners who deliver specialized, non-clinical support in a confidential 50-minute online session.

While EAPs and traditional medical plans handle acute clinical needs, Sholder works to proactively reduce the seen and unseen costs of poor mental & emotional health to your business.

In addition to our employee benefit with optional team skills training, we offer leave of absence support and layoff packages to help workers navigate the emotional aspects of every stage in their employment lifecycle, keeping them empowered and at the center of their own story.

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"I feel that everyone could benefit from this. From speaking with someone in a way that allows them to open up, be vulnerable and learn more about themselves.”

Andrea, 55 yrs old

"It almost seemed easier to be honest and forthright with my Sholder compared to how honest I was being with myself.”

Jared, 34 yrs old

“I felt included. Like this was
teamwork as opposed to more of the subject of the therapy session like I did previously in traditional therapy.”

Jill, 24 yrs old